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About us Supporting and improving the quality of life of families

DIACONÍA is a non-profit non-governmental organization formed in 1983 with the social arm of the Lutheran church in Peru. During these 31 years of work, Diaconía has promoted the integral development of the most vulnerable families, supporting healthy homes and facilitating processes that improve their quality of life, respecting interculturality and favoring more equitable relationships in the family. It has also strengthened the institutionality, democracy and sustainable economic development, promoting the exercise of citizens' rights.

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Know Us Let's unite to make a difference

DIACONÍA considers it a priority to promote climate change management through mitigation and adaptation actions, promoting special emphasis on water management and the promotion of clean energy.

From 1983


Inspired by Faith in Christ, we support vulnerable and at-risk populations as facilitators and facilitators in their sustainable development processes and in the full exercise of their civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.

From 1983


We aspire to a fair, inclusive, proactive and supportive society that values ​​and respects its cultural diversity, protects its environment and strengthens a dignified life.

Goals Our focus

The implementation of these approaches is possible through the design and execution of projects in five lines of action

Institutional Strengthening
It implies applying strategies and actions at the political and institutional level that contribute to strengthening the operation, management and performance of public and private institutions involved in the development of a given territory.
Social Development
IIt implies applying strategies and actions that contribute to improving the living conditions of the population, through the development of their human and social capacities, the use of their local potentials and the taking advantage of the opportunities of the context.
Economic Development
It implies applying strategies and actions that contribute to improving the economic conditions of the population, for the adequate satisfaction of their needs, through the development of their employability and entrepreneurship capacities.
Environmental Management
It implies applying strategies and actions that contribute to a sustainable management of natural resources to guarantee environmental conservation, adaptation to climate change and prevention of disaster risks.
Organizational Development
It involves applying strategies and actions that contribute to improving the performance of the organization, through continuous improvement of its internal processes and procedures, as well as the permanent development of its human capital.

Help Others We dream of creating a bright future for underprivileged children

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